• Grant of rights: Concessions, Authorizations, Registrations, Licenses, Permits and Easements for telecommunication services, use of electromagnetic spectrum, and/or private networks of telecommunication.
  • Expiration and Revocation of Concessions, licenses and other rights
  • Administrative infringements and penalties.
  • Advise on supervision and control proceedings to operators for contractual fulfillment. (quality, expansion, modernization)
  • Legal advice on procedures for interconnection of public networks.
  • Legal advice and negotiation on Interconnection Agreements, Billing Contracts and Joint Collection agreements
  • Legal Advice on the implementation of procedures for consumer complaints ODECO
  • Legal Counseling in procedures for the determination of relevant markets and declaration of Operators with Dominant Position, for purposes of price cap rate regulation
  • Administrative appeals, petitions of revocation, contentious-administrative proceedings, constitutional appeals